The main attraction of Europe is in the history and centuries old architecture that speaks volumes by itself. Czech Republic is no exception to this rule. Prague, the capital city is filled with bridges that keep it connected as the Vltava River runs through it. No old European city is complete without imposing old Cathedrals; however, Prague's uniqueness is not only in its old rustic, red roof tops features but also in the fact that it is a modern metropolitan city as well with all the amenities and technology that you may require or need.

Czech Republic casinos draw a lot of crowds both locally and tourists wise. Czech Republic counts 43 legal casinos in total spread around the whole country with Prague sheltering no less than 11 of them. The Admiral Casino Colossuem, which is also in Prague, is the largest of them all. The Admiral Casino Colossuem has approximately 8 game tables and 160 slot machines.

The official language in Czech Republic is Czech, which has Slavic origins however, most people speak and write English fluently especially the personal of Czech Republic casinos. The legal age to gamble in the Czech Republic is 18 years of age and the same applies for enjoying any alcoholic beverages as well.

The Czech Republic may reflect centuries and centuries of history but it is a relatively new country as it was officially formed on January 1st, 1993 when the Czechoslovak Federal Republic split in two parts to form Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The new formed country went ahead and joined the European Union in May 2004.

With all the old and new changes occurring in the Czech Republic it attracts even more tourists each year. The flooding in the tourism industry is dully noticed by both the government and business people who make every thing possible to entertain them with everything in their power; thus, plans for even more casinos are on the way to open for the pleasure of the gamblers and of those who still believe in lady luck.

Okay so, the big question isn’t – is there a god. Not anymore, the question is now; why did our ancestors create this world for us to play in – this virtual reality world, one we might just call the human life experience’ where you and I and everyone you know lives out their life? Yes, I am speaking of the philosophical conundrum that we are all living in a Simulation, like a super sophisticated video game. So, are we living in a simulation? Hard to say, and we don’t know for sure, but there are many reason why we should consider this concept.
Not long ago, I was talking with a technologist about this, he noted that at the rate we are headed, soon we will create a “second life” so real that it will be just like life, so real, you might rather live in it. Good point and I replied:
Exactly, so it doesn’t matter if we are now living in a VR or not, because in the future WE WILL, it only makes sense, as humankind works to remain in the game indefinitely, live forever, in any form to continue their current type of consciousness without fully understanding exactly what it is or how exactly it works.
The technologist told me his daughter just completed her graduate degree in both Computer Science and Computer-Brain Interfaces. Well, I’d say his daughter is in the right place at the right time. Maybe they’ll call it VR2 (virtual reality II). The first VR world is where we live now in the simulation, and VR-2 is a game within a game that we create of our own accord, sure slightly different for now, but it will be quite robust and appear as if it is reality – like the Biosphere II project, the Earth being biosphere I.
Indeed, I cannot foresee a future where we do not create such a world, that is “IF” human technology continues, as humans might doom themselves to repeat past history – once again losing and thus. forgetting more than we’ve ever known? Ouch. I guess it’s like Arthur C Clarke put it – Humans are mostly harmless except to themselves. Somehow I think humanity will mutter along with false starts, mistakes and eventually get there. It’s an interesting species, a lot going for it, and a lot not.
Are we living in a simulation? Hard to prove yes or no on that one, but rest assured in the future we surely will be – and there is a whole new world out there if we are willing to take it. Think on this.

Human Scientists Will Soon Create A Virtual Reality Experience Which Will Replace Life Experience